SafetyScan software is a powerful wireless network monitor and analyzer, which allow you to monitor and view any wireless 802.11/ A/ B/ G/ N connections around you

System that detects and displays all wireless connection points and stations in the reception area and provide important information about each of them

SafetyScan software is complete and device with affordable price for LAN administrators, security professionals, police and also for network programmers.

The application requires a system Windows 2000/ XP / 2003/ Vista/ 2008 and wireless adapter. SafetyScan software can be also used for catching Bluetooth communications.

SafetyScan software offers other functions:

Scanning for Wi-fi stations and access captures 801.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n. WLAN or WPA key may descript or encrypt files for a full description and also shows detailed IP connections statistics: IP addresses, ports, sessions and etc. TCP alarm will be able to inform you about important events, detect suspicious access points, tracking the protocol, view the captured and decrypted data in real time, search for connections or hex data in captured data in offline mode, as well recording and displaying files that will be found around.

We offer ethnic hacking and penetration testing for clients that would like to test their security policy of the web-site.
Part of testing for the company can be used in social engineering:

E-mail testing
Phone testing
Test with portable media
Attempt for physical intrusion

Currently, price for information is rising, these tests are suitable not only for company data security.